Gig Journal

State of the Art Gallery, Jackson Village, NH. November 30, 2003

Mike, Mary and Steve Trio. Mike Scott on soprano, Mary Mitchell, vocals.The State of the Art Gallery is owned by our friend Barbara, and is nestled in a small group of stores in Jackson Village. This was a fundraiser for a local charity. We had rehearsed at Mike's party the night before. I was only booked to play the first hour, since after that I had to drive several hours to make my next gig at Michael Timothy's in Nashua, NH.

The gallery is one fairly small room, but Barbara has managed to pack a lot of excellent art in there while still keeping the gallery tastefully balanced. We set up along the long wall, in front of a couch, near the piano. Mike played piano on "My Funny Valentine" (is screwed up the arrangement and stepped all over his sax solo), and, after I left, Mike was going to switch to piano for the second set.

Only a few people showed up for the benefit concert, but they were appreciative. To open, Mike introduced me for a solo piece. I played "Days and Nights Waiting." When I finished, one guy in the audience said, "It's nice to hear guitar music that isn't so loud that it hurts the ears."

Next Mike and I played "There Is No Greater Love." Mike can always come up with an exciting solo, even when starting off cold like that. We traded fours, and, as always, screwed up the ending just slightly.

Then Mary came on and sang a few of the tunes we'd rehearsed. "They Can't Take That Away From Me" came out particularly well.

At the end of the set I hastily packed up and headed out the door for the next gig. Barbara wrapped up a few cookies for Mal and I to eat on the road. We headed across the Kankamangas highway and then south toward Nashua.